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Picture report from factory

Reconstruction project of Rotary Printing Machine of Boroujerd Textile

Summer of 2018Rotary Sewer Printing Year 1992 Made in Holland This machine was installed as one of the most important manufacturing machines of the company in 1962 and was launched later this year. During the years 72 to 80, this machine was in operation as a shift or...

About Borujerd Textile

The Borujerd Textile Company was founded in 1983 in an area of 50 hectares with an investment of about 15 billion rials in the south-east of Boroujerd, Lorestan Province, in western Iran. The project has 124,000 square meters of sub-basement including 5 factories in one set. The total production of factories in the year is about 20 million meters of a variety of linen, linen, and curtains. We are honored to work continuously with about 1,000 experienced personnel and using the best raw materials, the most modern laboratory machines and equipment, to meet the needs of our compatriots.