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The annual production capacity is 17.5 million metric tons of colored and printed fabrics as well as production of 350 tons of colored yarn

Dyeing machines

  • The dyeing of the Bobcucos Thomozol made in Germany
  • Rotary Sewer Printing Made in the Netherlands
  • Steamstreck made the Netherlands
  • Washing Babcock Made in Germany
  • Eustach making Germany
  • White Gray Coasters Made in Germany
  • Anti-algae monophers making Germany
  • Calender Coasters made in Germany
  • Emrings Sucker Müller making Germany
  • Decathlon cookie making in Germany

Dyeing Machines

  • The teaspoon made in Germany
  • Preliminary washbasin preparation of Germany
  • Eustach making Germany
  • White Creek Coasters Made in Germany