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Summer of 2018
Rotary Sewer Printing Year 1992 Made in Holland

This machine was installed as one of the most important manufacturing machines of the company in 1962 and was launched later this year. During the years 72 to 80, this machine was in operation as a shift or two shifts, and the first repair of the car was carried out in 2007 as a replacement for the blanchet. Further, in 2011, due to problems with this device, after 8 days, the blaster was replaced again And minor repairs were made to the car, after which the car was stopped for 3 months at the time of the car’s pause, the car was carved and after that, from 2013, the printing press continued its work in three shifts.

In 1995, the crashes on the car increased so that the technical unit was forced to shut down various mechanisms on the machine to continue the work, resulting in a loss of efficiency and increased waste in the car, according to the above and clear issues. Alarm In this part of the complex management, a complete rebuilding of the machine began operations that resulted in high costs of rebuilding the purchase of a new printing machine, which is a lasting undertaking in the company, but due to the policy of increasing production again in 1996, the reconstruction of the printing press It was placed in the top priority, but due to limitations like M The total supply of external parts and the production pressure was subject to time, until July 2013, due to the sharp decline in machine efficiency and the crisis in the country, the management team and the technical team had to make a big decision without relying on foreign parts and It was only by relying on the internal technical knowledge that the car was restored.

beginning of the project

The fifteenth day of July, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven
Running time
Forty-five days
The report is presented in three sections as follows:

  1. Condition of the machine and components before the reconstruction and start of demounting
  2. Machine condition during rebuilding
  3. Condition of the car after rebuilding and in final assembly conditions

۱٫ Condition of the car and components before the reconstruction and start of demounting

۲- Machine condition during reconstruction

۳٫ Condition of the car after the reconstruction and in the final assembly conditions

Thanks to all those who, with patience, fortune, and perseverance in accomplishing this important, up until today have supported this proud movement.
Best regards, research and development unit of Borujerd textile factories